Market research on achondroplasia

Bell Falla will conduct a market study on achondroplasia, to better understand country-specific variations in the experiences living with or caring for a family member with achondroplasia and finding out how this experience may have changed over time.

This study will be conducted in: France, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.

This study will include an interview about the history of the person with achondroplasia and family members, to know how they live on a daily basis and find more about the experiences with doctors and the society. The interviewed person will also be asked to write a diary for a week to gather thoughts.

The answers obtain in this study will provide important informations on the natural history of achondroplasia, will allow to do best informed decisions in future studies on achondroplasia and at the same time, will help to better support people and families living with achondroplasia, as in education, medical follow-up guides, access to care, etc.

This project was presented at the AISAC congress on 29th May in Rimini, Italy, by Dr. Mirko Essing, responsible for medical affairs, BioMarin Europe Lda.

Study with the support of BioMarin