ALPE summer camp: See you in a year!

This was a camp, like everything else, intense and full of great and small adventures ...

At the summer camp, in Felechosa, surrounded by the leafy and fantastic vegetation of Asturias, 70 children and young people over 8 years old, with and without achondroplasia, lived intensely 8 days of camping from July 14th to 22nd, no matter if it was rainy and sunny days. There was no opportunity to open applications for the camp once all the vacancies were taken immediately.

On Sunday, July 22nd, it was the great farewell day, with much laughter and joy for the days during which the children and teens shared everything they had experienced, and there were many tears at the end of this adventure. But it was also the day of reunion with the families, who went to get them, celebrating the reunion together, at a lunch and a great party. The teens put together this blog for everyone to see their adventures. 

"See you in a year!" They said! This was a campsite, like everything else! Intense and full of great and little adventures, of intertwined friendships and games. There experienced horseback riding, surfing, karaoke sessions, hiking, basketball games in a wheelchair, activities with guide dogs, archery and parachute launching. "When we go home before we go to sleep, let's remember these days and fall asleep smiling! See you in a year, friends!", said the children!