ALPE at the United Nations

ALPE appears before the Committee for the Convention on the Rights of Persons

with Disabilities at the headquarters of the UN, in Geneva, in the review of Spain.

The Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities was ratified in 2006. "Never has a United Nations convention assembled such a large number of signatories on the day of its opening for signature. It is the first broad human rights instrument of the 21st century and the first human rights convention that opens for the signature of regional integration organizations. It points to a paradigm shift in attitudes and approaches towards people with disabilities. "

Spain was one of the signatory countries that undertook to implement the necessary measures to make the Convention a reality and not just a catalog of good intentions. The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is an independent body of experts that oversees the implementation of the Convention. The Member States Parties submit to the Committee a comprehensive report on the measures they have adopted.

The 21st session of the committee takes place between March 11 and April 5 at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. Before the session, the Spanish government rendered accounts on the 18th and 19th of March. In addition to the government representatives, there were representatives of 6 civil organizations that presented their particular reports and spoke before the Committee, including ALPE Achondroplasia Foundation. In previous meetings with the Spanish rapporteurs and during the session available for civic organizations, ALPE demanded to the Committee that:

-under article 4, 5.2, 8.1 and 27 of the Convention, urge Spain to repeal the regulations that protect these shows that violate the principles and values of the Convention, take measures to stop public administrations from hiring as part of being family festivities amusements and cultural national programming, the denigrating bullfighting shows;

- under articles 9, 19 and 20, require Spain to amend the current regulations on access to the certificate of reduced mobility, and to include the height scale for its determination and its attribution.

In the subsequent interventions of the rapporteurs and members of the Committee before the government, represented by the Minister of Health and many other prominent members of different ministries and agencies of justice, dwarfism was mentioned twice in relation to human dignity and sensitization. The fact that the word "dwarfism" appears explicitly in a document of the review, of the Committee or of the UN, is a milestone of enormous importance. At the ALPE Foundation we congratulate ourselves on this effort and this triumph and we trust that achondroplasia and other skeletal dysplasias with dwarfism will be explicitly mentioned, and made visible, among the recommendations to Spain.


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