XIX AISAc National Convention and Nearer Europe

We attended last May 13th and 14th in Rimini the annual National Convention of AISAc,

the main Italian organization of persons with Achondroplasia and other skeletal dysplasias (ASDD).

It is always a pleasure to attend this event. Its president, Marco Sessa, and his companions make us feel at home. They are many years of good relationship and appreciation.

This convention had the particularity also that the day before the start of the Congress there was a meeting of the main European organizations of people with ADEE. This meeting was organized by the ALPE Foundation, AISAC and the North American company QED, responsible for one of the current clinical studies in achondroplasia.

It was very interesting to know more closely some of the European organizations that are beginning to open up to Europe and to strengthen ties with the rest of the organizations we have already worked with. This meeting has helped us to know more about the QED company and the development of the clinical study that is being carried out and that will begin in a short time in Spain. Interesting projects for many European countries organizations have been discussed and we’ll try to put them into practice.

The AISAC Convention has, as usual, been a success. Many families attended different presentations on the most important problems related to ASDD in fields such as clinic, surgery, education... Also, of course, there were important moments to talk about the research, since the four laboratories with clinical studies were present, and also to give voice to all the organizations that we decided to participate.

As well as increasing our knowledge and information, we always feel in this kind of meetings the Foundation work is very valued. It gives us much strength and energy to continue our journey with, as we always say, short steps, but firm footprints.