How ALPE began

ALPE Achondroplasia Foundation was created on January 24, 2000, thanks to the enthusiasm of several persons, primarily Carmen Alonso, Miguel López, and the Press-Lewis family. The Press-Lewis family had founded ProChon Biotech Ltd. in Tel-Aviv (Israel) to find a therapy for achondroplasia. ProChon was the origin of scientific advances in the investigation of achondroplasia, which continues to provide more and more interesting results.

The objective of the ALPE Foundation, as stated in its statutes, is: "The satisfaction of the educational needs, early attention, school follow-up, social, cultural, and labour integration of persons affected by the alteration known asachondroplasia, and other common forms of dwarfism. Likewise, the Foundation will aim to solve health problems and promote physical and psychic development, create a legal and social framework that facilitates the development of the aforementioned objectives, promote research programs and methods of prevention, diagnose and treat said alteration known asachondroplasia”.

The development of children's potential was pursued from a global perspective of integrative medicine, including physiotherapy, speech therapy, osteopathy, and homeopathy, as well as any other approach that could help children feel strong, balanced, and to grow in height to what nature would be willing to give them.

Since then, we have been offering totally free evaluations to those who come to our city (Gijón, in the North of Spain, although our work is international); these evaluations are provided by a range of expert specialists, including: paediatrician, physiotherapist, speech therapist, otolaryngologist, orthodontist, audiologist, kinesiologist, acupressure, and podiatrist. We do not ever reject any therapeutic orientation that can contribute to the improvement of health and well-being.

Scientific research has also been promoted by bringing together stakeholders and disseminating information; psychological and social studies, and particularly social psychology, has made great progress in the legitimisation of our struggle for social inclusion and respect. This has been helped by our relationships with educational centres and public health administration, with the provision of information, dissemination, talks, etc. Another distinctive feature of the ALPE Foundation is the great importance it gives to the relationship between those affected and their families; we promote a close and human relationship, with care and guidance. The granting of the Gold Cross of the Civil Order of Social Solidarity, of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, which was collected by the President of the Foundation, Dr. Philip Press, from Her Majesty the Queen Sofía, was an accolade to our work and a recognition of the social need of our work.

Since then, collaboration agreements with public organisations, as well as collaboration with the press, has enabled the production of increasingly serious documents which dispel stereotypes about dwarfism. In addition, the Foundation produced its own such media, "Achondroplasia without clichés", as part of the campaign of the same name, which sought, and continues to seek, to change the social vision of dwarfism from harmful stereotypes. The international congresses that take place every four years, the ALPE summer camps, and the ALPE awards for the best work in favour of persons with achondroplasia, are the most relevant periodic events.

In the following diagram, we offer the most outstanding milestones in the history of the ALPE Foundation.

These are our milestones


Constitution of the ALPE Achondroplasia Foundation
First international meeting about Achondroplasia


Publication of the booklet for schools
Second international meeting about achondroplasia
National Adults Forum


Presentation of the book My (in)Dignity in your Hands


3rd International Meeting about Achondroplasia
Latin American Network for ACH
Collaboration agreement with UNED
Calendar: Atletico Madrid and achondroplasia


Golden Cross of the Civil Order of Social Solidarity
Agreement with the Royal Board on Disability
Agreement with the University of Extremadura
Agreement with the Applied Psychology (SPA)- UNED
Publication of The Little Prince in the Lost Kingdom


Scientific Meeting in Gijon
A New Horizon: Achondroplasia Guide


PhD thesis Social Stigma in Achondroplasia and its Impact on the School Environment, Saulo Fernández
Documentary Short Steps, Strong Footsteps
Agreement with CERMI
Mention of achondroplasia by Royal Decree on the early retirement of the disabled
European project “On family side” (France, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece)


4th International Meeting about Achondroplasia: Ten Years Sailing
Commission on Disability, House of Deputies


3rd International Conference of the Inclusive School
Biomechanical research project Improvement of Physical Activity in People with Achondroplasia, Elongated and Not Elongated


1st ALPE Foundation Awards
Campaign Achondroplasia without clichés. I am much more than an appearance


Recognition of ALPE good practices activity by the Observatory on Health Integrated Models [OMIS]


2nd ALPE Foundation Awards
5th International Congress on Achondroplasia


Psychology webinars on achondroplasia. InPsique
1st Achondroplasia Meeting in Málaga
Carmen Alonso receives Gijón Ambassador Prize Award


Lucas Adventure documentary
3rd ALPE Foundation Awards
2nd Achondroplasia Meeting in Málaga


III Conference of Achondroplasia of Málaga
8th ALPE Summer Camp
Commission of Citizen Opinnions, Aragón Royal Courts
Start-up of the families house in Malaga


Intervention before the Food ad Drugs Administration of the USA
9th ALPE Summer Camp
4th ALPE Foundation Awards
6th International Congress on Achondroplasia and other Dysplasias
Work visit to the European Parliament
Participation in “Marea Azul, Azul Isaac”
Banco Santander Social Projects Award
Foster home in Malaga
Participation the European Reference Network for osteochondrodysplasias (RER BOND)
Finalist in the Fundación Universia Awards
Inclusive sport Project


Appearance before the Comission for the European Agency in the Congress of Deputies
Intervention before the committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for the UN
10th ALPE Summer Camp
Constitution of the ALPE Foundation Scientific Committee
Nearer Europe Program Phase I
Scientific Conference and Presentation of the book Emotional Illiterates
Collaboration Agreement with Carlos III University
Social Rights Discussion Panels
Launch of the Blog, Nuestro mundo (