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Marshall McLuhan

The impact of polyphenols on chondrocyte growth and survival: a preliminary report (Fernandez-Arroyo S et al., 2015) (pdf)


Imbalances in the functional binding of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) to their receptors (FGFRs) have consequences for cell proliferation and differentiation that in chondrocytes may lead to degraded cartilage. The toxic, proinflammatory, and oxidative response of cytokines and FGFs can be mitigated by dietary polyphenols.

Conclusions: The findings support the rationale behind the encouragement of the development of drugs that repress the overexpression of FGFRs and suggest the dietary incorporation of supplementary nutrients in the management of degraded cartilage. More about polyphenols research

Image credits:Universitat de Barcelona Fernndez-Arroyo et al-2015-Food Nutr Res