La tensión entre los que deben defender ciertas normas, opiniones y valores, y los que luchan por otras nuevas, es el resultado sobre el que descansa la evolución de la sociedad.

Serge Moscovici

60 centimeters (ALPE, 2006) (doc)

It lasted only one night but it cannot be.

It’s not easy to lift your head and smile when life does its best to put you under its foot there, very close to the ground, so when I manage to get over that massive obstacle I can’t let anybody beat me again. Especially not for 60 cm. Always trying to be so scrupulously objective, looking for the right balance in everything, seeking to give the exact measurement in everything… No, no. My stability, and with that, the stability of my people, is at stake and that is priceless. Life is very good, looking into her eyes and at her wonderful smile, kissing those exquisite cheeks, making her look precious with her little pig tails and her attractive clothes, hearing her call me “dad” although she knows perfectly well that I’m her mother. I don’t know if it’s a way of fooling me, but I want to be happy like this. And this way we make everybody happy. Or at least we don’t get annoyed because there is no reason to.

Whoever gets carried away by panic must get a hold of him or herself. Sometimes it’s easier to be carried away by the pain and wait for others to come and save you. Myself, as I don’t know if there would be somebody willing, and given the circumstances, I opt for self-help. And I have the right, don’t I? And that’s enough.

With the things I have learned this year, the first thing is that everything is as we see it, and the second and main thing is that we mustn’t get stuck in the thought of some things; we must allow ourselves to flow. Looking over the Yago documentary, I realized something that touched me.

There was that boy, with his beautiful eyes and his friendly and sincere conversation. I cannot stop listening to him and LOOKING AT HIM. He is a dwarf boy, like my daughter, but seeing him doesn’t do me harm. On the contrary, I cannot stop doing it. I still remember when, one month after giving birth and receiving the terrible news, I saw a dwarf girl 9 years of age in the Zaragoza Association. It was a hard blow. As I said before, I wasn’t prepared to see what my daughter was going to be in a few years.But now everything is different.Seeing Yago doesn’t hurt me, that’s how it is.I see a dwarf boy, but primarily I see a BOY. He didn’t have to be anything else, right? I feel that this is the first step towards my normalisation of all this. And it has been natural; I haven’t had to force myself to do so.

I also remember when Carmen said to me in November how proud she had felt upon realising that her child walked by her side at the same pace. I think I had a similar feeling when Ainhoa remained sitting without being supported or this past Sunday when I saw her corseted on foot in her plaster “walker”. And to think all that’s left to celebrate! And so, what are 60 cm? Most of all, what do they have to do with me?

Zaragoza, 10th February 2006