La tensión entre los que deben defender ciertas normas, opiniones y valores, y los que luchan por otras nuevas, es el resultado sobre el que descansa la evolución de la sociedad.

Serge Moscovici

That is Not Me: A Journey of Perception (Nelson L, 2018)

Linda Nelson has never considered herself less capable or different from anyone else in any way that mattered. Her family expected her to learn to drive, to go to university and to start work, and so she met each milestone and kept going forward.

Nelson has achondroplasia, a bone growth disorder that causes disproportionate dwarfism. She's written a memoir entitled That is Not Me: A Journey of Perception.

The book sprung from a moment more than a decade ago, when Nelson came across a poem she had written in her 20s. It was a tough period for her, as her friends were getting married and she was alone away from her home community. She read the line, "Life would be different if I was not me," and was struck by how young and naive she seemed in writing it.

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